From solid sides through to open slatted
boxes; we can manufacture potato
boxes to meet your exact specifications,
budgets & delivery timeframes.

Whatever Your Requirement,
We’re Your Ideal Crop Storage
and Packaging Solutions Provider.

At Rowlinsons Packaging we pride ourselves
on supplying only the very best new potato boxes,
agricultural boxes and vegetable boxes, made in either
imported or home grown timber.

Our huge buying power in timber and
excellent geographic location means that
we can compete against anyone on quality,
price and service.

Head Office

The Head office is based at
Wardle, Nantwich near to Crewe
and is situated on a 24 Acre site,
employing over 130 people
with 280,000ft² buildings used
for production and storage with
very large external hard standing.

Thetford Office

Our Thetford operation is on a
4 Acre site employing over
40 staff
with 58,000ft² buildings
used for production and storage
with large external hard standing.

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Rowlinson Packaging (South) is investing £550k in a new green energy system that allows waste material to be turned into energy to heat the factory and run our timber kilns. This new initiative will remove the need to have waste collected from the site thus reducing our carbon footprint, it will also reduce our reliance [...]

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where can i buy Ivermectin

Rowlinson Timber Expands its Operations to the South East Rowlinson Timber Ltd is pleased to announce that due to large/sustained and successful growth over the last few years, it has seen the need to open a main distribution hub in the South East of the country. We are therefore pleased to announce that from 1st [...]

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Rowlinson Packaging are once again pleased to be at the Cereals event this year. You are assured of a friendly welcome so please visit our stand to see our excellent Potato boxes with full size cases available to view. Also enquire about our box testing machine as we are one of few manufacturers to offer [...]

Potato Boxes – buy now before costs increase

It is that time of year when thoughts turn to ordering potato boxes. After last year’s bumper harvest expectations for boxes are lower this year. However with timber prices increasing putting off your purchase could be costly. We have enough timber to satisfy your demand but do not delay as once it is gone prices [...]

By order Ivermectin over the counter|May 18th, 2018|Potato Boxes|0 Comments

Machinery investment shows improvements

The investment of a new Delta pallet machine that was installed late last year has led to improved consistency and quality of the products produced on it. This has proved particularly valuable in the manufacture of Potato boxes which have to meet the rigorous standards laid down by BS7611. The machine is capable of manufacturing [...]

Why are timber prices increasing?

  This is probably the most often asked question from our customers in the current market. There is no single simple answer unfortunately which means there is no single simple solution. The biggest problem at the moment is that there is not enough timber to satisfy the current demand. Prices have been rising for two [...]

Further investment of new machinery at Rowlinson Packaging

                   As part of our continued growth program we will be installing a fully integrated semi-automatic nailing machine, the bespoke machine can be seen at the manufacturers in Italy being loaded ready to arrive in the UK today, this machine will enable us to assemble 2 way [...]

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Bespoke Potato Box Design, Construction and Delivery in the UK

It’s important to look after your produce after it’s been harvested. So much effort has been invested in planting, fertilising, watering, and harvesting, that improper storage resulting in loss of product is a waste of time and money. Wooden potato boxes from Rowlinson Packaging will help keep your produce in pristine condition. How can proper [...]

Importance Of Packing Onions In Wooden Boxes For Transportation

Onions though strong on the outside, are quite delicate inside. You don’t really need a storage rack to keep onions in your kitchen, unless you need to store them for a long time. You don’t need to refrigerate onions, all you need to do is make sure you keep them in a well-ventilated place. Things [...]

Is burning wood bad for the environment?

A recent article on the BBC made us sit up. The headline reads ‘Most Wood Energy Schemes are a disaster for the environment’. As Rowlinson Packaging and the wider group is heavily involved in the timber market this gave us pause for thought. The article refers to a report that questions the benefits of producing [...]